1. Hire a fund manager to trade for you

Most people just put their money in the fixed deposits, investment-linked insurance, unit trust, bonds, etc. for the fund managers to trade. Hopefully they get some positive returns.

2. Trade it yourself - as nobody cares about your money more than you

Trading the money yourself requires knowledge and experience built over time.

Some will attend 2 or 3 full-day courses conducted by Forex trainers and pay a few thousands dollars. At the end of these training they will get some knowledge and will start their own trading journey.

Just like going to school to attend classes and be taught by the teachers, some students will not fully understand the lessons. As a result, many get private tuition.

After a boot camp, would-be football players need a good coach to guide them to a successful career.

Similarly we are your personal mentor to your trading needs. We will guide you by giving you real time trading entry & exit setups, risk management and position sizing. We will warn you when the situation has become adverse to take early profit or cut loss. Over time you will be a competent trader by making one good trade at a time.

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